About Me

I’m a wife and mother.  I’m a devoted follower of Christ, my Creator and Redeemer.  I like coffee, paper, stamps, and glue.  I’m an indoorsy kind of girl.  I enjoy reading, especially books on theology, logic and science.  I like white space, consistency and simplicity.

I’ve been a papercrafter for more than a decade.  I dabbled in cards for years, but never was good because I didn’t have money to invest in good quality tools.  I began scrapbooking after my son was born and had the blessing of being able to invest a little into my supplies.  I returned to cardmaking and learned to adore it a couple years ago.  We’re blessed beyond belief that I can invest in things to bring joy and communicate care to others, and I share that blessing with others.

My desire is to use my skills and material blessing to love my family and to bring glory to God, as He alone is worthy of my praise.

What’s with my name?  When I switched to this blog for various reasons, I wanted to leave it open to be able to write my thoughts as well.  There is a lot more to me than paper.  I greatly enjoy working with paper, but I also really enjoy thinking.  I wanted a platform to communicate my thoughts.  Of which, I have not yet done.

You can contact me at deeperthanpaper (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for visiting, and have a blessed day.

Blessings, Amanda


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