Glitter Embossing & the Consequences!

I have an itchy nose.  I know, weird way to start a blog post, right?  I don’t know if my itchy nose is because of the cute little dog I have sitting in my lap (he’s new to our family, but he has quickly established himself as king), or because of glitter.  Really, glitter.  Glitter always makes my nose itch.  I really hope I’m not the only one.  I’m weird enough as it is, I hope someone else gets an itchy nose when they work with glitter.  I usually avoid glitter like the plague.  Yes, I mean that.  But I saw Effie from the Ton using gold glitter embossing powder and I wanted to try it.  I have a beautiful end result, but I also have glitter all over me and my floor.  Sigh.  The downfalls of being a crafty girl, right?

(I’m also linking this up to Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Embossing)


I made another video for today.  I really enjoy making these videos, so stick around.  I’m likely to make more.  Of course, it’s probably just because I’m determined to figure out the best way to film and narrate – and well, when I get an idea in my head, I tend to be determined.

As I watched the video to make sure it was okay, I had to laugh.  I was at a coffee shop with a friend recently and as I was talking, the lady interrupted me and said “Do you have ADHD?”  While I was slightly taken aback at her (rather rude) comment at first, I just laughed.  I looked at her and said “No.  Why, am I talking fast?”  She replied with an emphatic yes.  Okay, so I do talk fast….I suppose this is proof.  Sigh.

The Ton
Wow! Metallic Gold Embossing Glitter
random cardstock scraps
Hammermill Digital Color Cover



2 thoughts on “Glitter Embossing & the Consequences!

  1. I love the gold embossing on your beautiful cards! It’s such a classy and elegant look. Thanks for playing along with us on the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. Cathie


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