I Will Praise Him

I always enjoy a good Scripture or faith centered stamp sentiment.  Papertrey Ink has been releasing some great ones this year.  I also recently bought this very elegant stamp set from Lil Inkers.  I had been intimidated to use it, although I knew the look I wanted. 

I finally used the florals, paired with the Papertrey Praise Inspired set, and feel like I pulled off an elegant card.  I have a friend who is definitely experiencing a “storm” in life, so I’ve been trying to send some cards occasionally to send a hug by mail.


Lil Inker Designs
Papertrey Ink Inspired – Praise
Misc Cardstock, sequin
Bazzill Black Licorice cardstock
Wow Gold Glitter Embossing
Gina Marie frame dies


No Coloring–Take Two

Last week I shared a card I just really wasn’t loving. 

Today, I tried to salvage the stamped images I had done.  I die cut them with a die from Papertrey Ink, doing some partial die cutting and cutting the paper twice.  The more delicate scallop made a huge difference to the look.  I really liked these. 


Wishing You A Happy Birthday

Shortly after 6×6 paper pads came to the market en masse, I began collecting them.  However, I tended to hoard them rather than use them.  After having had my collection for a substantial amount of time, I have made it my goal to use more patterned paper on my cards.  I really like white space (I mean white white space) so I find using patterned paper difficult.  I’ve been wanting to try a curved card, and knowing it would be a good way to use some patterned paper, I decided to use this design for the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge – Make A Wish.


Simon Says Stamp Wishing stamp
Lawn Fawn Stitched Hillside dies
My Mind’s Eye
Misc – cardstock & glitter paper
Papertrey Ink ink
The Ton sequin

You Are A Blessing

I haven’t always been a fan of gold.  I always had preferred white metals.  In some ways I still prefer the white metals (like home décor in which I always choose stainless steel over brass), but I’ve learned to appreciate gold. 

For today’s card, I wanted to create something a little bolder than my normal items.  I wanted to achieve an elegant look as well, though.  I had just received this stamp set from The Ton and I was anxious to use it. 

I created this card and am linking it up to the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge – Anything Goes.  I keep hoping that Simon Says Stamp will sell The Ton stamps – I request them every time I see them ask on social media. 



To create this card, I used my My Favorite Things background stripe stamp and my MISTI.  I stamped it several times with Versafine Onyx Black to get a good, dark impression.  Then I copied it once on my laser printer so I could use my Minc machine to foil it.  I applied a frame cut with Simon Says Stamp dual sided stitching dies, and watercolored the peonies with Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers. The stamp is from WPlus9, handwritten thanks.

Hey, What Are You Looking At?

I always enjoy finding new ways to create simple cards.  I like simple cards, that can be produced quickly.  When I need a very special card, I don’t mind taking a long time to make it.  (For me, long time is 1-2 hours).  Aside from those very special occasions, I like cards that I can easily make 3-5 of in less than an hour. 

I took this inspiration from Heather at housesbuiltofcards.blogspot.com.  I have to say, though, she totally rocked the idea better than I did!  I wasn’t really digging mine.  I think it’s mostly because the scallop die I used is too big.  This is the Lawn Fawn die, she used the Mama Elephant die.  I think I’m going to just have to buy that die.  Sigh.  (twist my arm, right?)


Well, I began stamping these with the MISTI when I realized (five later) that I had made a big mistake.  So, I set out restamping the images on new cardstock.  I was just going to toss the images.  After completing this card, and not really digging it, I was ready to throw in the towel.  Then, I realized that I can make a teaching point out of my mistake, because it was a very good example, and one that I don’t tend to make.

I snatched up those mistaken stamped pieces and a couple markers to make the point.

Here goes.

What are you looking at?

Really.  It’s important.  Are you encouraged to look at the card, or off the card? 

What do I mean? 

Well, let’s look at the image again. 


I was intentionally trying to get you to look at something.  Do you see an imaginary triangle on the card? 

Do you see how the ink blending makes a quasi-triangle?  And do you see the shape of the girl and the sentiment, how the outside points of each make a triangle?

That was intentional.  In design, we use something called a “visual triangle”.  Now, it’s not something that is really there, it’s just implied.  Sometimes it’s implied more directly than other times.  The visual triangle encourages the viewer to move their eye along the elements of the design and brings the focus to what you want to bring it to.  This is often achieved with embellishments such as sequin or rhinestones.  On this card, which is super simple, it is just the stamped images creating the triangle. 

Now, let’s take a look at my mistake and let me explain how the triangle can be utilized.


See the puppy on top of the girl?  Where is the puppy looking?  Off the page.  The puppy is suggesting to us where we should look. 

But where do we want the viewer to look?  Not of the page, right?  We want them to look at the sentiment.


Like this!  (Except this sentiment is also competing and messing us up). 


This composition is confusing.  The puppy suggests us to look in a direction that we don’t want to look, as well as the sentiment being not lined up right. 

So, let’s see what we can do to improve this.

Knowing I wanted the puppy to look in and at the sentiment, I moved my stamps around.  I also lined the “hey” up on the closer side of the you.  This allowed the puppy to lead our eye right where I wanted it. 


Look!  It follows the lines of the triangle.


This composition is good.  It makes me happy and not confused.  Let’s be honest, I don’t need any extra help being confused.  o.O


Thanks for joining me today and letting me share this.  (It’s one of my design “nails on a chalkboard” hangups – I know – I need to chill…lol)

Have a blessed day.

Neat and Tangled – stamp
Versafine Onyx Black ink
Hammermill Digital Color Copy
Lawn Fawn Guava paper
Distress Ink Abandoned Coral
Misc – hemp twine

CAS Masculine Card

I needed a card for my husband.  My husband is a manly man.  Ain’t none of this meterosexual stuff for him.  Brad Paisley’s song always makes me smile because there definitely isn’t any of the dudes getting facials, manicured, waxed and botoxed.  No deep spray-on tans and creamy lotiony hands here.  He can still grip his tacklebox (although it’s more likely to be a tool box). Nope, none of the hip to be feminized, and he certainly doesn’t highlight his hair.

But you get the point.

So, when it comes to masculine cards, I’ve found that it’s best to go uber simple.  For one thing – really, guys and cards?  Not my manly man husband.  Although he does very much appreciate what I write on the inside, the card itself, blah.  Did you know that women purchase 80% of the greeting cards?  Yeah, cards + guys ≠.  Does not compute.  (In general, that is).

Thus, I made this super simple card.  Super simple cards work well for me because I adore white space.  White, white space.  And that really should be adore.  I also liked the sentiment.  The stamp set is from Lil Inker Designs.  It has some good sentiments that could be used for other things as well, like graduation perhaps.


As I started making this card, I remembered that my fine motorskills are terrible.  I was using my MISTI and thought, hey, great time for a video to show a little trick I use to get around my terrible fine motor skills.  Thus, the video 🙂

Because, really, the rest of the card is uber easy, and if you can’t figure it out, well………….

Lil Inker Designs Guy Greetings
Versafine Onyx Black
Papertrey Ink Pure Poppy
Misc – cardstock
Prisma colored pencils

You Are Such a Blessing to Me

I am usually discipined regarding purchases that aren’t practical.  Usually.  Unless we’re talking a few things.  Those items include Pioneer Woman kitchen stuff at Walmart (darn Ree, I mean, really…I’ve never ever been excited to buy dinner plates, glasses or kitchen towels before.  Those were always only an item of necessity, not fun), or stamps that include the word “bless” “blessing” or “blessed.”  I truly believe that all good things come from our Father above, and that He has bestowed abundant blessings upon us, blessings we do not deserve.  When I find a beautiful stamp set that allows me to tell others I appreciate them as the blessing they are, I’m doomed.  Sigh.  I hope the recipient is blessed, as I am blessed to know the person.


(Linked up to Simon Says Stamp Wednesday challenge – Flowers)

HoneyBee stamps
The Ton – sequin
Misc – vellum and cardstock
Hero Arts Gold embossing powder
Pink Paislee paper (a very old paper from my stash)

Glitter Embossing & the Consequences!

I have an itchy nose.  I know, weird way to start a blog post, right?  I don’t know if my itchy nose is because of the cute little dog I have sitting in my lap (he’s new to our family, but he has quickly established himself as king), or because of glitter.  Really, glitter.  Glitter always makes my nose itch.  I really hope I’m not the only one.  I’m weird enough as it is, I hope someone else gets an itchy nose when they work with glitter.  I usually avoid glitter like the plague.  Yes, I mean that.  But I saw Effie from the Ton using gold glitter embossing powder and I wanted to try it.  I have a beautiful end result, but I also have glitter all over me and my floor.  Sigh.  The downfalls of being a crafty girl, right?

(I’m also linking this up to Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Embossing)


I made another video for today.  I really enjoy making these videos, so stick around.  I’m likely to make more.  Of course, it’s probably just because I’m determined to figure out the best way to film and narrate – and well, when I get an idea in my head, I tend to be determined.

As I watched the video to make sure it was okay, I had to laugh.  I was at a coffee shop with a friend recently and as I was talking, the lady interrupted me and said “Do you have ADHD?”  While I was slightly taken aback at her (rather rude) comment at first, I just laughed.  I looked at her and said “No.  Why, am I talking fast?”  She replied with an emphatic yes.  Okay, so I do talk fast….I suppose this is proof.  Sigh.

The Ton
MISTI http://www.mysweetpetunia.com
Wow! Metallic Gold Embossing Glitter
random cardstock scraps
Hammermill Digital Color Cover


Using the MISTI for Mass Production

I haven’t blogged in a while.  We took a family vacation and then I had a wisdom tooth extraction soon upon arrival home.  I’m finally feeling healed.  I was wondering what to do with my blog because I am not sure I want to devote the time to blogging regularly, however the flip side is that if I don’t blog regularly I’m wasting effort in blogging.

Last night I shot a quick video to answer a question for a friend.  I did a voiceover narration for the first time and I really enjoyed the process.  It was by far the best method I’ve tried. As I was talking to my daughter this morning, we came up with a potential solution to make photographing cards easier (quicker) that might make blogging more enjoyable as well.  It is one of those things where I know how to take a great photo and edit it.  But it’s time consuming, and for the 15 readers I have, I just don’t want to devote the time.  But I also can’t put out a crummy picture because I know better and it’s not giving my best effort.  Sigh.  Life can be so complicated, right?

Anyway, while I work on a few ideas and such, here are a few of the cards I did.  I was inspired by Heather at housesbuiltofcards.  I shamelessly am lifting it.  I think in the card world it’s call CASEing.  I think that sounds so much better than “lift”.  I never liked using that term.

A couple days ago, I shared this picture of a box of 158 cards I made this last weekend.  I put a big dent in my scrap bin, which was the bigger accomplishment in my view.


Here are a few close ups of some of my favorites from that box.


Yesterday, I was frustrated with my room (it has been the dumping ground for many things to keep the clutter out of the main house).  I did some purging and found a lot more scraps I could use.  Off to work I went.  I made these cards for the video.


Thanks for visiting me.  Have a blessed day!