A Housewarming CASE

A childhood friend of mine is moving.  They’ve outgrown their tiny house and have been trying for a couple years to sell and move.  Having a tiny house (not a literally tiny house as it now means, but an 800 sq ft house), it was hard to find qualifed buyers.  But finally, they’re days from closing.  I’m so excited for them!  I plan to make a gift as well, which I’ll share later.

I bought this stamp set on sale from Simon Says Stamp a long time ago.  I didn’t have any home/housewarming sets so I thought it would be good.  But I hadn’t used it and found it difficult.  So last night, I googled images and found a card I liked.  I CASEd it, and just now when I went to find the original to give credit where credit is due, I discovered it was by an artist who’s work I knew and liked!  Happy 🙂
Yana Smakula | Simon Says Stamp – Your Heart is My HomeSource: Yana Smakula



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