12 Quick & Easy Cards

I have a slight affection for 6×6 paper.  Really….too much… I also am much better at hoarding it than using it!  Not so much because I don’t want to use it, but just because I like white space (like, white-white space) too much.  I seriously need to use it.  But.I.can’t.

Then, this morning, I was doing a little catch up blog reading and saw my friend Heather make these super cute cards!  And I happened to have a stamp set from Unity that is very similar.  Sweet!

See?  Seriously cute, and seriously quick!

I set to work this morning and in about an hour had 12 cute cards.  I made a few modifications, primarily because I didn’t have the same die.  Secondly, I have a pretty good cut on my finger and didn’t think I could tie the bow knot with the bandage on my middle finger (typing is tricky!!).  Okay, honestly, I was just too lazy to tie them all….

Anyway, I used up the remaining parts of a Basic Grey paper pad.  Yes!!

And….I realized…..I now have a stack of cards to add to my stack {my already too many to use stack}…..My joy was slightly dampened when I realized that I just shifted my paper from “too much to use” to “too many cards to use”.  :sigh:  A girl just can’t win!


Thanks, Heather, for helping me move my paper from one stash to another.  🙂

Basic Grey – paper
Unity – stamps
Misc – gold thread, glitter paper, cardstock
Lawn Fawn scalloped die


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