My son loves ketchup.  Since there are so many foods he can’t eat, I tend to let him eat as much ketchup as he wants.  Gluten free foods can be a bit dry, so if he needs a little extra ketchup to moisten it, I roll with it.  Our favorite ketchup is the 365 (generic) from Whole Foods.  I was recently in and bought four bottles of ketchup.  Only four bottles.  Yes, I often get weird looks in Whole Foods.  I’m cool with that.  As I was checking out, the bagging dude picked it up and made a Vanna White gesture and said “You have some projects to ketch-up on? Ha!”  I just laughed.  Really, I’m not very witty with responses.

Now, you may ask, what in tarnashun does ketchup have to do with a craft blog.  Nothing really, except that I’m ketching-up on making some posts of work I’ve done for the weekend.

I know.  The joke fell flat.

I’m okay with that, too.

I just ask if you throw something at me, it would be ketchup and not rotten tomatoes.

I made this card a few days ago for the Simon Says Stamp Monday No Ordinary Paper Challenge.   Being as how my paper stash is relatively limited (I get overwhelmed by stuff so I keep my stash to a minimum, although I could certainly have less still), I really don’t have much specialty paper.  So I got creative and used this “Copic watercolor” technique on a page protector that I then turned into a shaker card with my Fuse.

I’m the first to admit when something of mine isn’t the best, so I’ll admit it for this card.  But it follows my crafting motto:  Done is better than perfect.


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